Meet Jonathan!

I’m Jonathan Robinson from Gaithersburg, Maryland. I’m 27 years old and I work at “That’s A Wrap” deli in Rockville, Maryland. I work in the kitchen under the direction of Chef Adam preparing healthy wraps, salads, and soups for our customers. I enjoy working with Chef Adam and I’ve learned a lot from him about how to prepare healthy food in the 1½ years I’ve worked at the deli. I also enjoy working with my other co-workers from Community Support Services. My other duties at the deli include washing the dishes and wiping off the tables. At the end of a busy day in the kitchen it feels good to have some peace and quiet. The best thing about working at the deli is I get a paycheck. It’s exciting to open my paycheck and see how much money I earned. I’m saving part of the money I earn for a new car and my retirement.  In addition to my job at the deli I also help clean and dump the trash at CSS.  Jobs I’ve worked in the past include office work at the mayor’s office in Kensington, Xeroxing in Garrett Park, cleaning a church in Montgomery Village, and delivering the Gazette newspaper in Gaithersburg.  I enjoyed doing all of these jobs but my favorite was working at the mayor’s office because I got paid. When I’m not working I enjoy watching the Washington Redskins during football season, WWE wrestling, movies, listening to music, playing video games and using my iPad and the computer to surf the internet. My favorite sports to play are bowling and baseball. I bowl with Special Olympics Montgomery County and in 2016 I won a gold medal at the state bowling competition. I also play baseball on the CSA team in the Frederick Challenger Little League.  The next time you are in Rockville around lunchtime stop by the deli and pick up a healthy meal and say Hi.